You can be the person who walks into the room and checks the thermostat OR you can be the person who walks into the room and changes the temperature. Read that again. You can be the person who walks into the room and checks the thermostat or you can be the person who changes the temperature.

How many times have we walked into a birthday party, dinner date, networking or work event, school function and without even thinking about it we check the vibe or gauge the atmosphere? Maybe it’s a good vibe and you’re glad you showed up or maybe you habitually start to judge the room? Thoughts like, “maybe these just aren’t my people or I’m out of my depth here” come to mind? Or maybe it’s just the feeling that it’s boring, flat or dead? Whatever the event or the atmosphere, we have a choice. We can either check the thermostat and adapt to the temperature that’s already set OR we can be the one to change it. You can be the person to bring the breath of fresh air, to walk with joy, to carry with you hope and compassion and empathy. 

Wise words from my husband’s grandpa always come to mind when I enter a room. He always said, “imagine that people have the letters MMFI (make me feel important) stamped on their forehead. It’s a reminder to get to know people, dig into their lives and see what they’re all about. You might surprise yourself and realize that you have more in common with them than you think. 

We can be the people that carry with us a light that’s contagious. When I’m talking about stepping into a room to change the temperature it’s not just within social circles, it’s within families and even within marriages. When my kids come home from school they are generally overwhelmed and tired. I, myself, have likely had a long day, and it’s easy to mirror that temperament. They are cranky and tired so therefore I’m cranky and tired too and we just muddle to get through to bedtime. How different might it be if I start to change the temperature and I decide to walk with calmness, joy and compassion? Same within our marriages, if my husband comes home and has had a hard day sometimes it’s tempting for me to just pile on my problems too. What if, instead, I start to flip the script and lead with a listening ear and a dose of empathy.

Our world needs more people who are willing to walk into space and carry with them love, light and a contagious spirit of joy. Maybe even the fun? To be the people who don’t just sit back and let the thermostat dictate the atmosphere, but actually step up and be the people who walk in and change the temperature.

I think we can all use this reminder, sometimes it’s more tempting to enter a room, judge the space and not do anything about it. But what if we started to make it our challenge and goal to change the temperature? Even if just a little bit. Even if it’s just one degree, to bring a smile to someone's face, or make them feel important, get to know them a little better, or bring a little joy to their lives. 

Are you up for the challenge?!

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