About Us

We’re only given one life, one opportunity to make a mark on this world and show those we love just how much we care. No pressure, right?

That’s exactly, right.

Mail Your Mark is the home of encouraging and uplifting gifts to help you do just that; leave those you love a little better and make an impact on the world around you. We each have something beautiful and unique to bring to the world.

Sometimes we just need someone reminding us that “you’ve got this”, sometimes we just need a little “I’m with you”.

Every item we create will be either a practical tool or subtle note of encouragement that you can purchase for yourself or a gift for those you love. Life gets busy, distance is sometimes inevitable, so when you can’t be there to make your mark, we’ll mail it for you.

That’s right, leave the mailing to us. We’ll package up your pretty little purchase and send it for you complete with a handwritten note of whatever you would like to say to encourage that someone in your life. From mothers to sisters, friends to neighbours, teachers to coworkers, there’s always someone in our world who could use an extra dose of, “cheering you on”, these days. I mean, couldn’t we all?

This is just the humble beginning of all that’s to come. We hope that this space is not just a place you purchase your thoughtfully created gift (although I hope you’ll do that too), we dream for this to be, love in action. With everything we create + package up, we have exactly that in mind.

We also believe that together ripple by ripple, we can make a difference and leave a mark on the world around us. That’s why with every purchase the recipient of the gift (be it yourself or someone you're purchasing the gift for) can select one of our four chosen charities and we will make a donation of £1 in your honor.

You can say that you played a part in making a bigger ‘mark’ on the world around you.

Make Your Mark

The idea for MYM was birthed from daily practices of gratitude, affirmations and prayer that has carried and sustained me throughout the challenging seasons in my life. I’ve always had a cup half full mentality (likely, coffee in case you were wondering).

I like to describe myself as an eternal optimist. I was born with a genetic disease, Cystic Fibrosis and although some defined that as life’s greatest challenge, I’ve always liked to view it as life’s greatest dare. I’ve been determined to beat the odds stacked against me, vow to make the most of every moment I’m given and aim to choose joy despite the circumstances.

My vision and heart for MYM is to create pieces of encouragement that will be used to remind others that they are braver and stronger than they realise, that good can be found in everyday things, that their stories are worth it and that we can all leave a legacy by the life we lead. I can’t wait to watch this dream of mine unfold and pinch myself that you’re reading this right now. I’m grateful for you.

Sister, this life isn’t easy, but guess what, it’s totally worth it and so are you!