From a commuter’s companion to a great gym buddy, podcasts are an easy way to do two things at once. While keeping two hands on the wheel you can catch up on the latest news. While pushing through those last few reps of a workout you can take your mind off of the task at hand. Podcasts can give you the pep talk or encouragement you need, educate you on something you may not otherwise have known, or simply be a source of entertainment. The variety of podcasts are seemingly endless.

So whether you need something to motivate or have some free time to engage in something other than music or a good book, here’s a list of my favourite podcasts at the moment. I would love to hear yours, drop it in the comment section below or shoot us an email at 

How I Built This

This podcast speaks straight to the entrepreneur’s heart. It highlights a variety of influencers, CEOs, innovators, idealists  and the movements they built. It’s definitely a podcast that will leave you feeling like you too can accomplish that dream stirring in your heart! If you haven’t listened yet, get it on your list. The inspiration from one of these stories could be the very thing that spawns the next great ‘it thing’.

My favorites: Bobbie BrownCanva: Melanie PerkinsLululemon : Chip Wilson, Sara Blakley - Spanx

Four Things with Amy Brown

 This podcast always seems to bring a smile to my face. It's light hearted, sometimes enlightening and fun. It touches on topics such as gratitude and finding joy, while also being authentic and genuine voice. 

My favorites: What does this make possible?, Never suppress a generous thought, Connecting with others a episode with Kailey Dickerson

Meaning Full Living

Parenting is hard and maybe even lonely sometimes. This podcast helps you feel less alone. It touches on topics varying from breastfeeding to postpartum and the beautiful and crazy journal of motherhood. 

My favorites: Lauren Akins on postpartum, Building a foundation of faith with Chelsea Smith, Helping our kids handle frustrating moments

Living with Landyn

She's the best friend you didn't know you needed. Honest, real talk and asking all of the questions we're dying to know. I laugh and learn something new with every episode. 

My favorites: Opening a retail boutique with Elizabeth Allen, How to design a home to feel like you with April Tomlin, Marriage and relationship rules

Happy Listening!

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