Calling all mothers who, like me, wish that there was a manual on how to play this parenting role perfectly. Amiright? Unfortunately, I can't bring you that, if only! What I can offer is some advice on how to elevate the way we praise our children.

How many times has your child run up to you excitedly wanting praise and the easiest and first words that come to mind are, "good job?". (Guilty as charged over here!). After awhile the words "good job" begins to lose the spark. Just like after awhile words "I love you" and "I'm sorry" don't hit the way that they did the first few times that they were said. So what can we do about it? Let us help... 

Praise is crucial in helping to motivate and establish a healthy self-esteem within our children, but it's more powerful when it's specific. Specific praise doesn't need to be complex it just need to answer what it was, specifically, that your child did. Consider you child's kindness, courage and persistence when coming up with a praise. 

Save the list below for some of our favorite alternatives to the words "good job!" next time you feel stuck.

10 alternatives to saying "good job"

Think of your words as your child’s inner voice.  

You want them to learn things about themselves and start to maybe even repeat these to themselves when you're not around.

Remember, don't be too hard on yourself because more than anything, your kids just want to be loved and feel connected to you. 

Observe your child’s reaction. Do you hear them mirroring your praise? Do you notice a difference? 

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