Life is tough, there's no way around that. We WILL face obstacles and challenges. Even the most positive of people won't wake up every single day ready to face the world with the a smile permanently planted on their face. Leading with a positive posture takes work. Today I want to share with you one thing that you can do to help when life feels tough. Yes, just one thing not a list of things, that I think will help give you something to turn to when things feel stale or when we start to second guess ourselves. 

A sunshine folder. 

I was once on a business course when I heard the female entrepreneur talking about something she created within her inbox called a "sunshine folder". This folder was created to host positive reviews of her product, emails from happy customers, positive news articles written about her brand, little wins for the company and uplifting emails from within her team. She created this folder so that when things weren't going so well, the company wasn't hitting the targets or objectives or even in months when maybe the company was struggling, she could pull reassurance from the things that were going well. When we're in a hard or trying season it's easy to forget all that's going right and just slip into just feeling like everything is going so wrong. 

As much as I think the sunshine folder is brilliant for business owners or employers, I also think it's invaluable to create one for our own lives. This could look like a gratitude journal that you use every morning or evening to write down things that you're thankful. It could even just be a running list of things that brought you joy or things worth celebrating on your phone's notes app. That way when things feel like they're spiraling out of control you can remember that there is/was still good. 

Comment below if you have a gratitude journal or some kind of "sunshine folder" and what has brought you joy or been something worth celebrating within the last month. Another important aspect of this is hearing the wins of others and celebrating breakthrough in their lives. Their wins and accomplishments can encourage you and bring you hope, because what has happened for them can also happen for you. 

Friends, life is worth living and living to the full. There's so much good to be found it's just hard to see the mountaintop when we're in the valley, so having something to remind us that the climb is worth it and is possible, might help to change your perspective and pull you through the uncertainty of life. 

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