A letter to Mums this Mother’s Day

I heard a song today that stopped me in my tracks. It’s one I’ve heard many times before, but with Mother’s Day approaching in a few days, I heard it in an entirely new light. 
You raise me up, by Josh Groban says…
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be.

It’s like he took my vision and goal as a Mother, wrapped it up with a beautifully composed orchestra and presented me with a song that I’ll always look at differently now that I’m a mother. 

To raise up by Webster’s terms means to “to lift or cause someone or something to lift up to a higher position.” Isn’t that what Motherhood is all about? To teach, nurture and love our kids so fiercely that they feel like they can do and be anything that they dream of!? To instill in them the confidence and strength to endure the stormy seas when they come, because they will come? To be there always, even when they’re grown? To be a safe place for them to fall and the strength when theirs is weak? My goodness, YES! 

There’s something else that’s important to point out about this song, it never mentions the word Mother. I think that’s important to note, because whether you have have been blessed with earthly babies, adopted miracles, little ones who have gone to heaven far too soon, those waiting and struggling with the urge to become a mum, cat moms, dog mums and those who don’t officially have a mother title but nurture, mentor and love on those in their communities and circles, everyone single one of you, deserves to be celebrated today. What you are bringing to this world is a purpose far beyond any other. You are raising up our next generation, our world is depending on you to instill things like kindness, generosity, creativity and love to our future. Your job may seem thankless at times, but the legacy you leave will ripple throughout generations to come. 

So thank you, Mother, mom, mum, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend, YOU woman, are worthy of being celebrated and loved on today and always. Those in the waiting, I’m praying for you and believing for your miracle still to come. Those staring at an “empty nest” I remember on the days when it feels tough knowing that these days will surely fly. Those who have diapers to change and hear the sounds of newborn tears, they won’t be like this for long. Those whose kids are toddling around or growing older with each day that passes, soak it up and hug them a little tighter. You are one in a million, cheering you on always!

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