Oh man, can we all just take one big deep breath and (dare I say) start to exhale all that this year has put us through? Come on, even if just for a second…

Feel better? Lighter? I sure do hope so, because couldn’t we all use some weight lifted?

You know what else I think we could all use? A little more love and a lot more kindness. Everyone I have talked to has said that this year has been one for the record books and not necessarily for all of the good reasons. This year has been one roller coaster after another, most would say. Some might even go as far as to say that they’re more than ready to roll on to the next year in hopes of a better outcome. 

But as we inch ourselves closer to Christmas I can’t help but get excited. Christmas is all about spreading love, spreading joy, spreading kindness to those nearby and even those we don’t know. There’s something about the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, the stacks of cards through the letterbox, the music, the coming together and ushering in a season of joy and hope. 

So when deciding what the first few products for Mail Your Mark would look like, one idea that I couldn’t shake was the idea to create something that would include my favorite time of year and the idea of spreading kindness, especially this year. When families haven’t been able to meet, when friendship circles have been limited, when the simple things like hugs have been cautioned, this year more than ever, our world needs you to show up and be the light and the glimmer of hope. 

Friends, can I encourage you this holiday season to be a light.  What if one random act of kindness can give someone’s 2020 a new vision. 

Shop our 24 Days of Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar and countdown to Christmas by showing love to someone else this year

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