Well friends here I am, sitting down at my desk for the first full workday of 2022. I’ve got to say that it feels pretty great. It helps that I love a fresh start and a new crisp calendar. It also probably helps that the sunshine is streaming into my office. Those things aside, I just love that we get the opportunity to leave all of the chaos and craziness of 2021 behind and step into something new. It excites me and invigorates me to know that around any corner there’s something to be unearthed and discovered. We can step into this new year as the same us, but form new habits to refine who we are and to help us not just survive, but thrive in 2022. So to start kick-off the new year I wanted to start with a post on how you can go about doing just that! I truly believe that each one of us has a gift, something special to bring to our world. Something unique to offer the tables in which we sit and the circles in which we move in. I hope this post challenges you to look at your goals and how you can break them down to make them achievable. It’s one thing to have a set of lofty goals and another to actually be able to track your progress and celebrate your efforts. 

End goals aren’t accomplished overnight, it’s about daily habits that become a routine and help you achieve such goals. Here are a few examples from my list to help illustrate what I mean. 

Instead of ‘drink more water, the habit is to down a bottle of water before my first cup of coffee when I wake up. I love, love, love sipping my morning cup of coffee before the house starts to stir, but by making it a stipulation that I first have to chug a bottle of water means that I’m already on top of my hydration game before the day truly begins. Positioning myself to be ahead of the game sets me up for success for the rest of the day. My next habit is to check-in on my progress at lunchtime and catch up if needed. 

Instead of ‘be more intentional with friendships’, the habit is to send a card for every birthday/anniversary of my friends this year and at least three pieces of snail mail every month. 

Instead of ‘be more tidy, it’s making a promise to myself not to step over things and do it as/when I see it. It’s taking a minute to take things out of my car when I pull into our driveway. It’s making sure to pick up/file away/do a quick chore while I wait for the coffee to brew or pot to boil. 

Instead of ‘exercise more, it’s setting a habit to move my body at least three times a week, do something (even if just 5 minutes of exercise or meditation) on my Peloton App everyday and a lofty goal of 200 rides this year (including warm ups and cool downs). 

Instead of ‘read more, the habit is to read at least one book a month and turn off technology at 8:30 every evening to allow the space to read instead of scroll. 

You can see in this structure that it’s more about habits/systems and less about the end goal, because creating actionable habits will end you where you want to be. James Clear paints a great illustration in his book, Atomic Habits (if you’ve not read it, add it to your list stat!). He says, 

“The goal in any sport is to finish with the best score, but it would be ridiculous to spend the whole game staring at the scoreboard. The only way to actually win is to get better each day. In the words of three-time Super Bowl winner Bill Walsh, “The score takes care of itself.” The same is true for other areas of life. If you want better results, then forget about setting goals. Focus on your system instead.”

Remember, you won’t get it right 100% of the time but each new day is a new beginning. Each time we lay our heads down to sleep at night we close a mini chapter and begin a new one. Sure January 1st makes for an opportune time to start but there’s nothing wrong with starting tomorrow or, in my case when I landed back in England. It’s never too late.

We also select a word to sum up our year. Knowing what’s ahead for us, the trials that await us, and with eager anticipation we carefully consider what we want to declare over our year. This year, after much deliberation, we’ve decided on ‘movement’. There are many things that have been stirring in our hearts and we are declaring that this year will be one of seeing some of those desires fulfilled. We’re believing for a heart full of faith to take on whatever God has for us this year. 

Do you have a word/phrase for 2022? What are some of your goals/habits? It’s never too late, you know. Today seems like a great day to start declaring + planning goodness over your year.

May 2022 be the best for each and every one of you. So grateful to be with you on the ride. 

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