In, what seems like a snap, March is here! I have a hopeful feeling that with ushering in this new and welcomed season, we'll also begin to turn the corner to the craziness that this time last year brought us. Anyone else? Here’s to wishful thinking anyway.

A changing season is also a sweet reminder that every span of life is just that, a season. They come and they go, wherever you find yourself at this moment in time is only a snippet of the life span you have to live so; soak it up or fight it out, but whatever you do – just keep moving.

…And with that, here's a new playlist to set your mood as we welcome this new season. Lets be honest, this time of year we can all get caught up in the wintry blues, but this playlist should help you snap out of the rut and into the beautiful days ahead. This month’s playlist reflects the ever changing weather with a little bit of everything: some feel-goods, a few favourites, and sprinkle of pep to get you through these next few weeks – sunshine or not.

So while it may still be cold outside, let this playlist warm your heart and get you excited for all that's to come. 

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