“People might not remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made the, feel”

When I think about what I want to be remembered for it’s exactly that, how I made people feel. With Valentine’s Day AND Random Acts of Kindness Day on the cards this month it serves as the perfect month to check in and see how we can better love those around us. 

Here at Mail Your Mark we believe that kindness is a universal language, it breaks down barriers, builds bridges, cuts through cold hearts and may even change a life. The funny thing about kindness is it often takes little effort. In fact, most of the time opportunities arise in our everyday occurrences. It begins by showing love to our spouse, by raising our hand for morning coffee duty and school runs. It carries on when we’re inching our way through the morning rush hour commute and we let someone slip in front without sounding the horn. It shows up when we assist the elderly woman crossing the street or when we simply flash a smile to the passerby. When we leave a trail by dropping a note of encouragement for someone to find. It’s extended when we offer to get the coffee for the person behind us in the Starbucks queue. In most cases kindness is demonstrated, and randomly displayed, by going the extra mile in our normal everyday activities.

Although being attentive and seeking out ways to show kindness is admirable, it’s down to a heart issue most of all. It’s a nudge at our core that we must not let a particular moment pass without taking action. Moments are fleeting and something we can never get back so we must seize every opportunity.

Our challenge to you this month is to share a dose of kindness in your everyday life. From little things to big things, no act of kindness is ever wasted. Someone, somewhere, needs what you have to give. By sharing a smile, a coffee and a helping hand this week you may be the one dose of happiness the recipient might ever receive.

Here are some of our favourite ways to show some kindness this month…

Pay someone a nice compliment 
Treat customer behind you to a coffee
Send an encouragement card in the post 
Found out your kid’s teachers coffee order and treat them at drop off
Let someone go in front of you in the queue
E-gift a voucher to a friend 
Bring in treats for your office 
Take 15 minutes to really listen to someone
Donate unwanted clothes/toys/books
Share a smile!
Return a stray grocery cart 
Write a positive email or online review
Ask someone if they want help if it looks like they’re struggling
Send a text message to someone to tell them how much you appreciate them
Congratulate a colleague on a good job
Take a homeless person a meal

My dare to you this month is to walk with eyes wide open for opportunities to show kindness to those around you! 

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