Well friends, we’ve said ‘au revoir’ to those pumpkins now (unless, of course, you’re in the States and are still to ring in Thanksgiving.) and it’s time to begin to ring in (in my opinion) the most wonderful time of the year! November is one of thanks and gratitude, but also one of prepping for the excitement of the pending Christmas season. Some say wait until December, but getting Christmas decs out has always been a much anticipated family affair on the first weekend of November around here. 

So here we are, a new season, one that resembles gratitude, gathering (albeit different to the years before), joy and love. As the days are getting shorter and the nights are growing darker, the quote “The night is darkest just before dawn”, keeps circulating through my mind. The year 2020 has seemingly come like a tornado and spun our plans, priorities and everything that we hung on to across Kansas and back. But Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is coming and I can’t help but think that the glimmer of hope that this season brings, also brings a light at the end of the tunnel to this whirlwind of a  season. 

Each new month we will give you a playlist to set the mood for the season, whisper hope to your heart, breath excitement for the days ahead, something to listen to while you tackle those to-dos, sip your coffee or go about your day. 

This month’s playlist reflects the ushering in of Thanksgiving and the pending Christmas season not overly holly-and-jolly juuuust yet, some feel-goods, a few favourites, and sprinkle of love to see you through this season of thanks.

So who’s excited!? I mean, the simple and free things can sometimes be all we need to lift our spirits, change our mood and give us the motivation we need to tackle our day.

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